9th SOPHIA Workshop PV-Module Reliability


 These program topics will be presented by experts and further developed in discussion groups or plenum.

Block 1: Standardization & Test development
a) LeTID > Bengt Jäckel, Fraunhofer CSP
b) Material standards

Block 2: Interconnection
a) Endurance of Smart Wires > Andreas Waltinger, Meyer Burger GmbH
b) Reliability of ECA > Gernot Oreski, PCCL

Block 3: SolarTrain (https://solar-train.eu)
a) Climatic and operational loads for PV module
b) Degradation effects of polymers
c) Service life and yield prediction
d) Failure modes and accelerated testing

Block 4: Advancements in lifetime modelling
a) Modelling and simulation of EVA degradation: Accelerated ageing tests vs. long-term outdoor exposure > Maria Gagliardi, IMT
b) Machine learning approaches for PV reliability assessment > Abdulkerim Gok, GYTE

Block 5: Encapsulants & Backsheets
a) New polyolefin encapsulation film
b) Co-extruded backsheets
c) Reliability testing of new materials for module mass production > Marcel Kühne, Hanwah Qcells
d) Backsheet-failures in the field > Daniel Philipp, Fraunhofer ISE

Block 6: Thin film/organic/perovskite
a) Stability of organic and perovskite solar cells > Gregor Trimmel, TU Graz
b) Latest developments on CIGS Reliability

Block 7: Ecodesign & Recycability vs. Reliability
a) Effects of reliability on sustainability > Karl-Anders Weiß, Fraunhofer ISE
b) Possible repair strategies for PV-modules with cracked backsheets > Gabriele Eder, OFI
c) Sustainability requirements: French tendering process, its evolution, and the impact on the market > Françoise Burgun, INES

Plenary discussion on the topics “How to include reliability metrics in sustainability assessment/Eco-labelling?
How to increase the visibility of/awareness for quality and reliability aspects?” and sum up